Taking care of a hamster can be tons of fun. Hamsters have funny personalities! Here are some things you should know about your pet hamster.Hamsters’ are funny, little, cute, balls of fur. But be-careful, they will bite just like any other animal. Its’ just instinct. So don’t get mad at them and lose your temper.They can have a heart attack very easily.

Hamsters are nocturnal. So they do most of their activity at night . It’s best to close your door that way you can get some sleep,instead of listening to the wheel all night long or listening to them biting the bars. They love to hide and go through tunnels and run on their wheels. Hamsters love attention.

You must play with your hamster at least once a day for 1 hour. If they start to get antsy put them back in their cage and play with them later.

Your pet hamster must go in a exercise ball. For at least 20 minutes a day. You can buy one at a any pet shop. Make sure you get the right size for your hamster.

Hamsters must have their cage cleaned once a week. You will need to put fresh bedding and hamster food in their cage. Never let them go with out water , they exercise a lot. Always check that their food has’nt spilled. Accidents happen. You should put toys in their cage that way they don’t get bored while your gone. These are some toys you should have in their cage to keep them occupied :

  1. tunnels

  2. wheels

  3. ladders

  4. balls

  5. rope for them to climb

  6. slides

You must make sure that their bedding stays dry other wise this might cause milldew or bacteria. Take out any fruits or vegtables in their cage . They can get very sick if the food starts to rot. Put some chew sticks in the cage for your hamster. This helps their teeth from growing too long. Make sure that the food you get agrees with your hamster. They might get sick or have a bad stomach. If you’ve tried all the other foods you should go tell your vet very soon. If their cheek seems to be swolen and their eyes are watering that means they have something stuck in their cheek – pouch. Tell your vet as soon as possible. But before you call try to get them to drink some water this might help.

They can can get very stinking. To prevent this from happening just put them in a basen or in your bath tub. Which ever one you prefer. The water should be warm, check the water by putting your elbow in the tub. If the water is too hot put some more cold water in there. Let them swim for 5 minutes . This can be very tiring . Some hamsters can’t swim that well , they might start to sink. This is very common. You can also put some kind of bath tub toy in there for them. They might play or take a brake on it when they get tired. Then dry your hamster gently , you can use a q-tip to dry their ears. You can also get your blow dryer out and put it on low. They love this.

Hamsters are tons of fun .But you can lose them quite easily.They are sneaky quick little things. If you lose your pet put the cage on the floor. They will probably be in there in the morning , asleep. If not , check behind your refridgerator usually they’ll be there.